CFO WORK - Grenadier Group Incorporated
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The importance of Business Intelligence.

It’s impossible to maximize your business if you can’t see
where it’s at at all times.

We can show you how to set up real-time systems that help you keep your operations aligned with your over-all strategy.

You know your company. Each company has data and develops processes and

procedures with a goal of refining and streamlining operations. Understanding the information which your company has available is critical and putting it to work usefully is essential.

This is Business Intelligence and it spans the gamut of data management, integration of the data across systems and functions, and aligning the data with an eye towards an understanding of an overall business strategy.

Why out-sourcing CFO responsibilities can make real sense.

Aside from the logistical advantages it can bring, the real value is in helping you be curious, learn and explore new possibilities about and within your business.

Part of our CFO work is to help you understand what you have available to you and how to deploy your assets and information such that you maximize business efficiency. Intelligent decision making results from a deeper understanding of the moving parts that comprise your business and leveraging them more efficiently and effectively to achieve growth objectives and plan for the future.

We will take the burden of CFO work off your hands and allow you to work at improving your business rather than just working in your business. We understand that maintaining a proper accounting system is time consuming. It is a significant task to stay on top of accounting entries, P&L reports and Balance Sheet ledgers. We will assist you and your team to meet your requirements in a timely manner.

Part of our mandate is to ensure that you have proper employment assets in place, adequate available financing and effective tax planning strategies – people, money and taxes. We help you be curious, learn and explore new possibilities about and within your business.